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Tunnella Tunnels is the sole Stainless Steel 409 Hydroponic Tunnel manufacturers in South Africa.

Single-or Multispan tunnels can be provided to our clients. We also manufacture galvanized- , mild steel painted structures on request. DIY tunnels are available and easy to erect. Tunnella Tunnels has refurbished second hand tunnels treated with anti-corrosion paint available, which are in excellent condition for sale at an equitable price. Structures poles are concreted in the soil to enhance stability against wind and rain. The 200 micron plastic used can tolerate a wind speed of 130km/h and rainfall of 140l/h and has an excellent visible light transmission reducing shadows.

Help & Guidance

Due to the nature of our business we have the expertise and knowledge to advise our clients with useful information, on Greenhouse tunnels, all accessories required for tunnel farming, irrigation, cooling- and heating systems. 3 Day training courses are available on tunnel farming.

Net Houses

Tunnella Tunnels also specializes in Net Houses.

The Net Houses are installed at a standard height with 40% netting, CCA treated poles and SABS approved stays.

Net Houses are the alternative to open land farming, protecting crops from insects, hail and birds. In winter it’s warmer and in summer cooler due to the net covering. It is affordable and can cover large areas.

Tunnella Tunnels will install any size of Net house as per purchaser’s requirement.

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Environmentally friendly

The setup of Greenhouse Tunnels from us is environmentally friendly and cost effective for the small entrepreneur or farmer on a small scale. Should area be limited, 900 plants can be planted in a tunnel of 300m². What means on a smaller area more plants can be planted and easy to maintain.

Manufacturing Crocodile & Aquaponic Tunnels

Lately Tunnel farming is a challenge for the future where vegetables are planted extensively which will have an influence/impact on the economy and poverty. Tunnel farming also makes a major contribution to agriculture for the future and contributes to the economy.

Farming with crocodiles and aquaponics (Tilapia) (Fish farming) in tunnels are getting more popular and beneficial to the specialist farmer.

Tunnella Tunnels has the experience to install these green houses for crocodile farming, where farmers in this category benefit where reptiles eat more and grow faster in a warmer climate. Our clients are satisfied with the service we render in this regard. Requests accepted by Tunnella Tunnels is inter alia tunnels for swimming pools for swim schools, tunnels covered with 250 microgram black plastic for drying of wood etc. No challenge is rejected.

This indicates and proves the multi utilizing of greenhouse tunnels.

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We Manufacture internationally

Being one of the precursors, Tunnella Tunnels is known for manufacturing HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL GREENHOUSE TUNNELS in a very competitive market. Our market is not limited, we also manufacture Greenhouse tunnels and export Internationally and to neighbouring countries. Affordable delivery available nationwide and to neighbouring countries. No tunnel too big or small.

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