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Due the respect Tunnella Tunnels has for the earth specially taking global warming in consideration, we are concerned and take care to ensure that the environment is not affected when installing any of our tunnels, therefore we strive to ensure that our customers benefit, utilizing these tunnels to its maximum potential.

Making use of these tunnels has proven a reduction in consumption of water, this is an important aspect to take into consideration during drought and in the present South African climate. Most popular, drip irrigation is installed inside the tunnels to avoid wasting of water, as some crops leaves, should not be watered on the leaves and assists to prevent plant sicknesses. It contributes to water savings due to providing drop by drop watering and fertilize each individual plant. This is established by an automated computerized timer.

We supply durable 200 micron plastic or shade netting to cover these tunnels in order to enable farmers to have healthier crops and plants. It is advisable to put netting on the plastic overlaps to enhance protection against lifting of plastic overlaps by wind. Tunnels can be covered by both plastic and netting to protect plastic and help with climate control. Tunnel temperature can be controlled.

Opening of flaps and gates assist in cooling down the tunnel temperature especially in hot conditions.

Tunnella Tunnels supplies cooling – and heating systems which control temperature inside our tunnels.

During hot summers the installation of a cooling system will be a benefit inside the tunnel, consisting of wet walls and fans, controlled by water circulation, by making use of a pressure pump and water tank, in collaboration with a thermostat to control temperature.

Heating systems can be manual or automatic, making use of coal, gas, petrol, diesel, electricity and paraffin. In the modern time and era we live in, flow to flow heat system operates manually and is considered to be a very popular and an effective way to control temperature during cold conditions. In some cases it is advisable to install a screen plastic which serves as a "ceiling" to prevent temperatures to drop and contributes to prolong summer season and harvesting of crops.


Tunnella Tunnels aims to sustain on a continuous basis in manufacturing stainless steel tunnels and install these tunnels to contribute to the community that may be helpful to economic growth in our country.

Providing exceptional service and aftersales service, advice and satisfying the needs of our clients. Tunnella Tunnels undertakes to work in close contact with our Government departments in Agriculture on a regular basis sponsoring projects to emerging farmers. These farmers can contribute to local communities and make a contribution to future expansion to our nation. Which will lead to successfully export of crops to deficit countries.

Over the years, we’ve built up an extensive customer base from households to large agricultural farms. We strive to keep abreast with the latest developments in tunnel farming and therefore enable us to advice any client as to the best practical methods, based on our vast knowledge, expertise and success over the past 15 Years.

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